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Online appointment booking:

Remember if you are experiencing a life threatening emergency please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. Online appointment booking is not appropriate for emergencies.

Registered patients can book appointments with their family physician online. We do not accept new patients through online booking. You can access online appointment booking by clicking the BOOK NOW link on our site. Patients who already use Medeo will be able to login to book an appointment and to see updates on their appointment requests. Please note, your account will only show appointments that you booked online.

Online appointments will be reviewed within 24 business hours (Monday to Friday) of being submitted. You must book with your family physician; you cannot book with another physician in our clinic. When booking, review all appointment options to ensure you are picking the most appropriate one for your circumstances. Lastly, please provide accurate detail for your appointment to ensure we have enough time and resources for your visit.

Children or elderly patients? Their accounts can be managed by a parent/guardian or family member. They need their own account either with their own email or an alias. Please see https://qhrtechnologies. force.com/patient/s/ for information on setting up dependant accounts.

Please know appointments will not be accepted if:

  • you book with a doctor other than your own
  • you book the wrong appointment type to get a sooner appointment
  • you book an appointment requesting virtual care

in these cases, your request will be declined and you will have to book again

Do not worry, we know this process is new; by providing detail in your appointment request, staff will be able to ensure your appointment is appropriately booked. If your appointment needs an adjustment we will call you to better schedule it. i.e. you booked a general appointment by mistake instead of a well child visit.

Note: In order to ensure fair access for our patients, we are currently not offering same day appointments online. Please continue to call the office for a same day appointments. If you are not clear on what type of appointment you should book, you can ask our staff when you call or when you are in.

COVID-19 Vaccine:

COVID-19 vaccines continue to be administered through the Brant County Health Unit (BCHU) clinics or pharmacies. We do not have COVID-19 vaccines.

Registration is required for Health Unit Clinics please visit their site to book: Book Appointment

Virtual Care:

In person appointments are preferred by the physicians to expedite your healthcare. You may have the option of a phone or video appointment but staff will let you know when you book if you can do virtual. Our receptionists are aware of our physicians’ options for virtual care. Virtual care cannot be booked via online appointment booking.

Dr. Berisha

We will miss Dr. Berisha who is leaving us as of July 1, 2023. We are working to find a replacement but do not expect any updates until mid-June at the earliest. The recruiter has identified a few candidates and we are arranging meetings. We understand this situation is stressful for patients but we do not have any more information at this time.

Dr. Berisha is working to ensure all patients have medications needed in case there is an interruption in their care. Should Dr. Berisha fail to find a replacement physician, she will still review any tests which she has ordered even after her departure date. She will be sure to provide appropriate follow up. While she is still here she will not be taking appointments to discuss a transfer to a new physician or a physician take over to ensure she has time to provide care for patients.

Our clinic will not be taking requests to transfer to other physicians within the clinic and our staff does not have any more information than we have provided here. We appreciate patients working to ensure they look after their family’s interest however, we cannot provide special treatment for individual patients.

Family Doctor Wait List

We currently do not have any doctors taking new patients. We have removed our prior wait list due to the extended wait since 2022.

When we take patients in the future, a new wait list will be started and anyone who filled out forms previously will need to complete a new request.

Fragrance Free Environment

Perfumes, colognes, after-shave lotions and scented hand and body lotions can be an irritant to patients and staff.

Therefore, staff and visitors are asked not to use scented products.

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